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Rubina shared the biggest thing about pregnancy with the media.


Rubina has got a different identity in Bollywood when she won the season of Bigg Boss, after that her identity seems to be increasing even more and she works a lot in serials. She is the best of the small screen. As an actress, she has worked in many serials on the small screen and her role can be seen very differently there, as a result of which her popularity is skyrocketing day by day. She was seen leaving and her entire focus has always been on her career. She is also very worried about her career. She does not want to see any shortcomings in her career in some way or the other, but this is why Meanwhile, what we are continuously seeing is that all these things of Saree are displaying her career in front of us and we are seeing her career moving up very easily.


Rubina is even more in the news this time because she is pregnant and during her pregnancy, she is constantly seen releasing posters on her social media, due to which she makes herself feel very good and looks good. In you, she also tries to be very happy because the way any actress is not able to go out much during pregnancy, she was not able to appear in front of the media so much but she looked completely different this time. Is coming and her image is also very clear, although she is feeling very safe with her husband at this time. She continuously talked to the media. While talking to the media, she talked to the media a lot. She shared these things with the media and told how she is working to keep her environment healthy. She gave complete information about the environment around her.


Rubina can give birth to twins, according to media


While sharing one more thing with the media, Rubina said that this time he can also give birth to twins. This has not been fully confirmed by Allen yet but according to many media reports, She said that she will give birth to twins, but the clear details about this have not been revealed to us till now, after which it is also being said that when her husband came to know that she will give birth to twins, He went like dancing in full swing and he did not believe at all that his wife was going to give birth to twins and he was very upset after hearing this and now he will continuously try to do that. Don’t think too much about those things and he should completely concentrate on his wife’s health and his wife’s future life.


Rubina has completely accepted that now she will spend a lot of time in taking entry in Bollywood and now after a long time, after taking the interview in Bollywood, she has completely accepted the fact that she is working in many films in Bollywood too. It will be visible in the coming time and as a result everyone’s focus is on them, how their daily routine is going on, how they are spending their time and on top of this, people are constantly watching. The media is constantly focused around him, he is visible and without me. Also let me tell you that he understands absolutely that there is no problem with him in any way and he feels absolutely fine even in his upcoming time.


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