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Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Promote Automotive Sector And Green Hydrogen As He Holds Discussion With Multinational CEOs

There should be no shortage in the progress of India, hence the government always keeps promoting new things, whether it is in physical form or digital form, the government never takes its steps back when it comes to the development and progress of the country.

Recently, during a summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the CEOs of multiple companies and discussed some important topics. Two topics are very important in this discussion and these are regarding green hydrogen power and exportation. You can know this summit’s highlights by reading this entire article.

Narendra Modi
Image Credits: Prime Minister’s Office

Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Promote Indian Economy

A Vibrant Global Summit was held in Gujarat on January 10, 2024 (continuing, up to 12th January), in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited. In this summit, he talked to the CEOs of multinational companies and discussed about some topics, some of the company’s Chief Executive Officers that were involved in this discussion were Maruti Suzuki, Micron Technology Corporation and the CEO of AP Moller.

What Is Gujarat Global Summit?

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is considered to be the biggest gathering of popular images to date that has been started on 10th January and will continue till 12th January. About 100000 VIP members will come to this summit of which 60% are the Chief Executive Officers of the companies and 30% are business leaders. And 10% are from ministers who have come from 133 different countries and have joined this gathering.

Although this gathering started on January 10, on that day, our country’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, business tycoon Gautam Adani and Tata executive members were not available, but if reports are to be believed, they will also join the summit on the second or third day of this gathering.

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Topics Discussed During Global Summit In Gujarat

Some important discussions took place between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the CEO of such companies regarding investment opportunities and industrial development. The CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Toshihiro Suzuki has placed a presentation in which he has told that he wants to see India as a strong player in the field of vehicle exportation.

He wants India to become a manufacturer of vehicles on a larger scale. As a result, Suzuki MotoCorp wants to set up a manufacturing plant in Gujarat, which will be the fifth firm in the Country. This information was shared via PMOs through the X handle.

Apart from this, the Prime Minister also talked to Sanjay Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer of Micron Technology. If the report is to be believed, in this conversation the PM was asked to take India one step further in the field of a semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem which will be vital for India’s development. American-based company, Micron is going to set up a semiconductor factory just 40 kilometres away from Ahmedabad which is said to cost US$2.75 billion. The CEO has presented an elaborative idea for India’s Economy in the field of manufacturing semi-conductive stuff. The establishment is going to be ready by December 2024.

DP World’s CEO Ahmed Bin Sulayem also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the same summit and discussed bolstering investments in India, including logistics infrastructure based on stable green energy. The CEO has proposed to build up green and energy-efficient ports in India. However, DP World has set up five container terminals in India, which are two in Mumbai one in Mundra and Coaching and a single container terminal in Chennai. These containers are found to have a total capacity of 6 million TEUs.

Lastly, if we talk about it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also had some discussions with Keith Svendsen, the CEO of AP Moller and with the same CEO, he discussed the topic of green hydrogen, which is one of the highlighting factors.


In this article, some details are given on the discussions of a recent global summit, that have been gathered from the sources of the report. This is said to be the biggest submission so far in which CEOs, business leaders and ministers from 133 different countries have joined. The most proud thing is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading this summit and is taking steps forward for the progress of our country India.


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