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Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang

Timmy Narang Confirms His Divorce with Isha Koppikar

Timmy Narang and Isha Koppikar married in 2009 until their marriage ended in November 2023. Many reports from various channels have come out in the past few months. Until Timmy finally confirms the concern, many rumours will also pass. 

Isha Koppikar has been spotted in many films like ‘Dil ka Rishta,’ ‘Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat,’ ‘Dar Mana Hai,’ ‘Pinjra,’ and ‘Hum Tum’ until her last film ‘Love You Loktantra’. She has completed 14 years of marriage and has a lovely 9-year-old daughter. 

Last month, the report came, claiming the end of 14 years of marriage between Isha and Timmy. Now, Timmy himself confirms this in a recent interview with Etimes. “Things are official now. “After contemplating divorce for almost a year and a half, we filed for it. The divorce was granted in November last year, and it was on amicable terms,” Timmy Narang told Etimes.  

Timmy said, “Both of us are now free to move on with our lives, which is a fact. So, I don’t see why there should be any confusion. While I haven’t read the latest report, considering the legal option isn’t an option because the divorce has already come through. It’s as simple as that.”

Now, Isha, with her 9-year-old daughter, Rianna, has moved from Timmy’s house and lives in another. However, some reports claim that the divorce has not been finalized yet. Meanwhile, Isha is also exploring legal options to proceed. 

Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang
Image Credits: Bollywood Hungama

The Love Story of Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang

Isha and Timmy bumped into each other one day during their regular workout. They hit it off and swapped phone numbers. After that, even though they didn’t see each other much in person, they had fun chatting on the phone. 

This could have gone on between them for a long time. But then Preity Zinta got involved. She told Isha about a cool guy she thought would be perfect for her. Everyone was shocked when it turned out to be Timmy! Isha and Timmy started thinking, “Hmm, maybe we can be more than just friends.

“Preity bringing them together made them realize how well they got along. Isha enjoyed Timmy’s company face-to-face as much as they enjoyed talking on calls. And Timmy liked Isha’s fun personality. So, instead of casually messaging now and then, they decided to hang out more and see if they liked each other – which they did!

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From friends to get Hitched with Each other

Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang had known each other for years as good friends. So when feelings started changing into something more, it felt challenging! Going from friends to more-than-friends is always tricky. 

Their first date showed this perfectly. Isha thought Timmy wasn’t coming, so she had already made plans with her girl gang. But then Timmy called and said, “I’m taking you out tonight!” Isha panicked – how could she ditch her friends now? That’s why she brought all 20 of them along on her date!

If that wasn’t awkward enough, Timmy had more surprises in store. One was on Valentine’s Day while Isha was studying abroad alone in America. She was missing home a lot. Then bam – Timmy surprised her by flying to the US! Isha couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him. 

It was such a sweet gesture. From that moment, Isha knew Timmy cared about her. His big romantic surprises showed he was serious about taking their friendship to the next level. What started weirdly was becoming something very special.

Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang
Image Credits: Bollywood Hungama

A perfect Marriage Proposal

Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang’s love story started in 2008. They began dating in June and hit it off. By November 2009, Timmy knew Isha was the one. So, on their anniversary, he surprised her with the most amazing proposal. 

Instead of getting down on one knee, Timmy planned a fun scavenger hunt for Isha around Mumbai. Each clue led her to their special places from over the years. The last clue revealed Timmy waiting with a ring, asking her to be his wife forever! Isha was thrilled.

When it came time for the wedding, they decided on something intimate instead of a big fat Indian shaadi. In November, they exchanged garlands in Mumbai, surrounded by close family and friends. Isha chose a beautiful pink lehenga, while Timmy styled a sharp black sherwani. Afterwards, they hosted a small party to celebrate with colleagues from Bollywood. It was the perfect wedding – simple but full of love. That’s how Isha and Timmy started their happily ever after together in Mumbai.



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