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Tiger 3 proved to be a blockbuster for Salman Khan

Tiger 3 proved to be a blockbuster for Salman Khan

Salman Khan has the title of Bhai in Bollywood. His identity within Bollywood is very different, and in the same way, he is working very hard to maintain his identity in films. The performance is that, in some way or another, he is going towards development in everything. He is continuously working on many films with new actresses, and in the meantime, when Tiger 3 was released, he was continuously guessing.

It was beginning to be known that Tiger 3 would not be that much of a superhit because, if we talk about Salman Khan’s previous films, his last two films were released once a year and had proved to be bad. The films did not do well at the box office at all.



tiger 3

When Tiger 3 was released at the box office, this film gradually gained momentum, and this film has now become Salman Khan’s biggest film to join the Rs 200 crore club.

Salman Khan’s chemistry with Katrina Kaif in this film Salman Khan has also been liked a lot. Salman Khan did very good acting in the last two films, including Tha Tiger and Zinda Hai Tiger, based on which he again got the job in the film Tiger 3, by doing this work, he never tried to hold back; rather, he improved his acting even more so that this film could get more love than those two films, and people would like his film very much.


Vicky Kaushal Praised Salman Khan’s film Tiger 3.

tiger 3


Vicky Kaushal’s wife, Katrina, is also seen working as an actress in this film, in which her acting has also been very well-liked. She has worked as a police cop in this film, and after this, his acting has improved even more, while Salman Khan has worked in many films with Katrina Kaif. Vicky Kaushal has also praised his wife’s film a lot, as has Salman Khan.

He also praised the acting a lot. He said that even after coming to this age, the way Salman Khan plays his character and the way he works like a young actor, many actors get completely motivated after seeing him.


Salman Khan

Tiger 3 has currently crossed the Rs 250 crore mark, although many of Salman Khan’s films cross the Rs 200 crore mark. This is the first film that is going to cross this much at a faster pace, and Salman Khan has made this film. Time is the biggest thing; he works on only one film in a year, and he concentrates on the film itself so that he cannot pay much attention to the upcoming films and is seen doing too much for his films.

He and his every film are released on Eid so that the people of the Muslim community who like him very much will go to watch this film completely, and this film can get good credit for this film. Director Kabir Khan, who also talked to the media, said that he left no stone unturned in the promotion of the film and also spent a lot on the promotion of the film, due to which the film achieved so much.

Tiger 3 Collection update: Earning ₹462.71 crore (US$58 million) worldwide, Tiger 3 emerged as the year’s sixth highest-grossing Indian film of 2023, fourth highest-grossing Hindi film of 2023 and 23rd highest-grossing Indian film.


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