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Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda Marries His Friend In A Simple Style

Randeep Hooda got married to his friend, got married in a very simple style

Randeep Hooda has completely ruled the hearts of people through his web series in Bollywood. He has been continuously giving one superhit web series after another in the web series industry. After giving excellent performance in web series, he is now seen making his mark very fast in Bollywood and the reason behind making this mark was that he had to work here in some way or the other.

Which are being seen in different forms. He was being seen in different roles but now good news is coming for his fans that he has now got married and by any means he is going to start his life here. They wanted to do it in a new way and they got their wedding done with full rituals yesterday and had also invited their special guests.


Randeep Hooda solemnized his marriage with his girlfriend and he decided to get the marriage done as per his girlfriend’s wishes and his girlfriend wanted him to get the marriage done in his style. They followed it completely and the way the marriage was done according to the customs of Manappuram, a place in the South. Randeep Hooda is looking very happy and his fans on social media are also seen reacting continuously after this marriage, he is completely reliving his life in a new way.

Randeep Hooda never discussed his love story in front of the media.


The recognition that Randeep Hooda got within Bollywood had become very important for him here and he was completely ready to carry forward with this identity because the way we are seeing that The times to come are going to be very important for his career. He has a lot of work to do in the coming time as he has started working on many web series in Bollywood. He has also worked in movies like Sultan. After that, his life started going differently, now after marriage, he will return to work fully in Bollywood.

Randeep Hooda


The entire guest list for this wedding was prepared very differently and the guests were invited here in very small numbers so that not much media was invited there but still the media. Many of the employees reached there and covered the wedding completely and after covering the wedding completely, this video is being broadcast on social media and live news channels. This marriage is becoming a topic of great discussion.

Randeep Hooda is a very down-to-earth person, due to which he has done his marriage in a very normal manner and with Indian customs without showing off much, for which everyone is praising him a lot.


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