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UPSC- Increases The Vacancies for 2024

UPSC has decided to increase its vacancies within 2023 and now knows the exam for how many posts.

UPSC is considered to be the toughest exam in India, and only after this exam, all the IAS and IPS in India are selected to clear this exam, all the youth of the country are continuously engaged in this exam. The exam is also considered very hard, and after that, the interview in this exam is also very hard, as a result, UPSC is constantly trying to increase the vacancy this time because in the exam of 2021-22.

The vacancy has been kept very high inside and if the vacancy is kept so low then the youth will not get a chance to move ahead in any way in the way they want to move ahead in the field of education. They will have to face a lot of demotivation in the efforts they are making. After this, UPSC has decided that this time it is ready to give a good promotion within the vacancy.


At this time, UPSC is paying a lot of attention to its upcoming exams, it is continuously asking for applications for the many exams currently going on in UPSC, which it has started accepting applications for the post of Assistant. All the youth who have taken part in it and who are eligible for it can apply for it continuously and by continuously visiting its online site, they are ready to apply there and even after that, they will be fully prepared for their exam.

It is also seen making preparations which will be seen coming among the people at a very fast pace in the coming time. For the youth of the country who are preparing for this, it is a big gift that this time A better opportunity is coming for those who are not able to clear it.


180 IAS were selected in the UPSC exam of 2022.


UPSC is constantly ready to conduct all the exams within the country. All the major exams of the country are conducted by UPSC and they try their best to not leave anything less than this, No corruption is seen in the exam, the exam is conducted with a very clear vision and if anyone has any doubt in it, if anyone does not clear his doubt in it, then there is a lot for them here too.

It becomes easy because if their talent is fully utilized here and the person who is fully prepared there and prepares for his exam does not have any shortcomings then he can reach there very quickly. Success is also achieved. UPSC is constantly focusing on ensuring that those students who are talented and who are fully deserving of it get employment here and are fully prepared for it.


UPSC continuously prepares those who become IAS in the role of District Collector in the country. This time also UPSC has given more than 180 District Collectors but it is yet to be done in the exam of 2023 for which every effort is being made. When the vacancy on this is increased, then it will also be ready to give more District Collectors and in this way, like every year, this exam within the country is taking its different form, they will be given a complete test in the country.

A different identity is also being found here and in the same way, the identity of the country has started being promoted more by UPSC. UPSC has spread its dominance among the youth to a great extent, although the youth of the country as a whole are very much for it. They also work hard to clear this exam and after clearing the exam, they can also clear the interview.


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