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Lok Sabha elections

Lok Sabha Elections 2024- Congress Start the Preparation

Congress Party has started paying attention to Lok Sabha elections, assembly results are not out yet

Lok Sabha elections

The Congress party seems to be trying to save itself in some way or the and its main focus at this time is the upcoming Lok Sabha elections so that the differences that arise from them in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections can be resolved in some way or the other. It seemed that she would try to eliminate them too and all these differences are about whether Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi will contest elections from Uttar Pradesh this time or not.

There are also clouds of doubt and if by any means he contests both the elections and this time also he is successful in winning then this will be considered his safest seat because this seat is very important for him. It is highest in Uttar Pradesh when Yogi Adityanath has completely established his position there and if the Congress party takes away seats in the Lok Sabha from there, then it can be a big thing for them.

As Lok Sabha elections are coming closer, candidates are busy preparing.

Lok Sabha elections

In this way, we can say very easily that the Lok Sabha elections have come very close and people are fully prepared for them and have started giving their opinions, whereas the Congress party is on this issue. This time Ajay Rai was made the new president of Congress, and after that, he started making many changes continuously. He started focusing continuously on the idea that he would be successful in the assembly elections.

He is busy but along with this, his main issue is the Lok Sabha elections because for the last 10 years when the Bharatiya Janata Party has been occupying its place in the Lok Sabha, this time he will change it with the Congress Party and who has in any way With this, the Congress Party will be successful in forming the government at the Center with full majority.

Lok Sabha elections

Ajay Rai took New decisions after becoming Congress President

Lok Sabha elections

When Ajay Rai was fully elected as the President of the Congress Party, the news started spreading at a very fast pace that this time in some way or the other, he would give them huge benefits in the Lok Sabha elections. In some way or the other, he will come forward with a good image, and as a result of this, we are continuously seeing the good things about him, his main image is that he works in a very good manner.

He focuses more on the things that work with his brain, in the same way, this time he wants Priyanka Gandhi to contest elections from Uttar Pradesh. If they completely spread their dominance then it may become even easier for them in other states.

Priyanka will be seen acting in the Lok Sabha elections

Lok Sabha elections

This time, Priyanka Gandhi will be seen contesting her first election in the Lok Sabha elections because till now she has not taken entry in the Lok Sabha elections, but this time she will be seen doing this work in full measure and she will be continuously participating in the election campaign from now on. It has been done and his main effort is to work in some way or the other to get a complete majority for the Congress Party here.

If he gets a complete majority then he will involve himself very much in this. It would be good to believe that he has turned out to be very good for the Congress Party and the Congress Party workers are continuously keeping the hope of winning him again in Uttar Pradesh.


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