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Nandini Of Tamil Nadu Make A Huge Record

Nandini of Tamil Nadu made a huge record and achieved unusual marks


Since yesterday, the news seems to be spreading at a very fast pace in Tamil Nadu, in which a student has completely expressed her identity in the field of education in a very different way because of the 12th board. After she got 600 marks out of 600, her image within the country also started becoming more clear.

She has started getting a lot of recognition within the country. Now people are constantly talking about Nandini. It seems that the way they have contributed completely towards education, will motivate the children a lot and the students will be ready to study because, in this way, the poor in the Twelfth Board have worked so hard to get there. We are teaching our children and if their marks come like this then they get a lot of motivation and they are ready for their upcoming dreams.


Nandini’s father works as a laborer but Nandini’s focus was completely on her education. She was trying very hard to get her education and that is why she completely focused on her education. It was more on top she was always giving a lot of emphasis on her studies. Yesterday, when the media went there and talked to Nandini and her parents, both of them said that Nandini is always busy with her studies and does not concentrate on other things.

She always ignores and never pays attention to anything. She is always ready for the way she works for her studies and her father works hard to put Nandini in a good school. So that their daughter could study and work in a good way and she could fully achieve her dreams.



Nandani wants to become a good auditor

When Nandini was talked to there, Nandini said that she wanted to work as a good auditor and that her only endeavor will always be to come forward as an auditor and the way she works as an auditor. She wants to play her role within the country and she always had only one dream that she should give her best in everything, she tries to give 100% completely even in her exams and in Twelfth Board,

If they come 100% then their dreams will take flight even more, their dreams will take flight even more quickly and their entire efforts to form the government will be seen to be successful and in this way, when such an environment exists for the children. If so, he motivates them even more and tries to give them even more recognition there.

If the children in our country are completely free to get an education, then it will be much easier for those children, although the government tries to provide any means to bring the children into the field of education. If any kind of money is not taken and efforts are made to provide them with free education then the children will be successful very soon and that success in the field of education will be of great help to the country as well because of the development of the country.

He will be ready to help in any way and that is why the Central Government of the country is continuously making a lot of efforts to bring changes in the field of education and the Government of Tamil Nadu has now given many big awards to Nandini. He promised to give them awards there tomorrow and he has also announced to give them scholarships there in the future.


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