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Big Changes Happening Inside Anganwadi : 2024

The government can make big changes inside Anganwadi, know what?

The changes that are taking place in the Anganwadi Center day to day are not entirely taken by the government for its benefit but are also seen to be making some decisions for the general public and such changes will be completely normal given the political activities. They appear to be in the interest of the public or the interest of the children and in this way, it has now become a very big issue for them, on which the full question is in front.

The Central Government has very quickly accepted the fact that it is hearing this matter very well. The government can bring the changes taking place inside Anganwadi to the general public very soon.



If we talk about the present times, then there are a lot of complaints of missing children where children are seen going missing day by day. Those children are either kidnapped or taken away by someone. Somehow they get lost, due to which there is complete protocol regarding the system of Anganwadi. The central government will start it here very soon. The Central Government has started giving its suggestions regarding this decision very quickly and they will have to follow this protocol completely very quickly because all these decisions are being taken only for the safety of children.

The biggest change in the economy of the Center at this time is to make online.


The biggest change that will be seen from the center is that the Anganwadis which have not yet gone online and which till now only talks were going on to make them online can also become online here very soon and regarding The biggest issue is coming to the fore.

All these changes are being taken in the interest of children because the entire records are being maintained offline, which is being improved and now preparations are being made to make Anganwadi online. In any way, if the changes within all these things happen here in the right form, then it will be a very good thing for them, but if it does not happen here in the right form, then it will be a very wrong thing for them. And this completely wrong message will also reach us. However, within the last 5 years, many Anganwadis have been made online.


This is what the statistics say, take a look

If we talk about the last 5 years, there are more than 5000 Asian Anganwadis in India in which online things have started being given great importance and this online thing is seen to be progressing completely in a group here. It is coming and if all these things progress in this manner, then it will be completely in the interest of the country and the feeling about all these things will be seen reaching the people completely.

People have been fully informed about this and this will be very good news for those who have enrolled themselves in the Anganwadi Centre. Therefore, get information about all these things as soon as possible and we can see such data continuously about Anganwadi very quickly. The government is continuously working on digitalization.




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