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Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Honored Once Again

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was honored once again, know with which award he has been honored


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constantly tried to bring back the youth of the country, the people of the country, and every person of the country who had completely lost his identity, and his constant effort is to bring back the life of the entire country. There should be a good atmosphere inside, the youth of the entire country should come forward and help them in taking forward the development of the country, due to which the image of Narendra Modi is continuously visible among the youth, people should completely like him.

People also like him and Narendra Modi is always ready to motivate people. He does not try to demotivate them in any way, due to which his continuous identity has emerged in a different form which is different from that of a politician. Not in appearance but as a good human being, she has come forward more as a person who gives education.

Narendra Modi Has received many awards

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been honored with the Lokmanya Tilak Award this time and the biggest reason behind giving him this award seems to be that the energy he has kept within the youth of the country has completely transformed the youth of the country. The changes he has brought about in their lives since then were very important and he has continuously tried to show that the way people are raised from their mental state, the development of the country also becomes most important. It completely depends on our youth.

The more our youth participate in the development of the country, the more our country will be able to develop well. We will see the situation within the country becoming even stronger and Narendra Modi has said something on this.


Narendra Modi


Narendra Modi will be honored with the Lokmanya Tilak Award today



To honor Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today he will be completely honored and there are many reasons behind giving him the award. When asked about it, Deepak Tilak gave a very good opinion about it and he completely Told in a manner that there are many reasons behind giving him this award of the welfare he has done for the country, the work he has done for the country is very different and the people behind him are constantly keeping his image clean.

It is a very good responsibility when within 10 years of holding the post of Prime Minister, there is no such case against him, there is no such information against him against which we should try, hence the announcement of giving him this award.

Narendra Modi


There is some big reason behind a politician and in general the politician is seen doing a lot of wrong things and moving ahead with violent incidents but Prime Minister Narendra Modi had completely declared that he would never do this thing. He cannot play with the development of his country and is completely focused on this thing and is also ready to take it forward continuously, after which as a result we will get very high results.

It can be easily seen that when he is honored with this award today, he will feel very good, however, the veteran leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party will also be present there who constantly encourage him and inspire him to move forward. Narendra Modi has given all the credit to the Indian people because he loves the Indian people very much and he is constantly trying to ensure that India can develop in a better way.


State honours

Decoration Country Date Note
Order of King Abdulaziz Al Saud  Saudi Arabia 3 April 2016 Special Class, the highest honour of Saudi Arabia awarded to non-Muslim dignitaries.
State Order of Ghazi Amir Amanullah Khan  Afghanistan 4 June 2016 The highest civilian honour of Afghanistan.
Grand Collar of the State of Palestine  Palestine 10 February 2018 The highest civilian honour of Palestine.
Order of Zayed  United Arab Emirates 4 April 2019 Collar, the highest civilian honour of the United Arab Emirates.
Order of St. Andrew  Russia 12 April 2019 Grand Cross with Collar, the highest civilian honour of Russia.
Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin  Maldives 8 June 2019 Collar, the highest honour of the Maldives awarded to foreign dignitaries.
King Hamad Order of the Renaissance  Bahrain 24 August 2019 First Class, the third-highest civilian honour of Bahrain.
Legion of Merit  United States 21 December 2020 Chief Commander, the highest degree of the Legion of Merit.
Order of the Dragon King  Bhutan 17 December 2021 First Class, The highest civilian honour of Bhutan.
Order of Fiji  Fiji 22 May 2023 Companion, the highest civilian honour of Fiji.
Order of Logohu  Papua New Guinea 22 May 2023 Grand Companion, the highest civilian honour of Papua New Guinea.
Order of the Nile  Egypt 25 June 2023 Collar, the highest civilian honour of Egypt.
Legion of Honour  France 14 July 2023 Grand Cross, the highest civilian honour of France.
Order of Honour  Greece 25 August 2023 Grand Cross, the second-highest civilian honour of Greece.



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