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Delhi University

Delhi University – New Guidelines Issued For admission 2024

New guidelines issued for admission to Delhi University

Delhi University is one of the best universities in India, and children try very hard to study there. After a lot of difficulties, they get admission there, but if someone gets admission there, then it is very important for him. This is a big thing because the most educated people in the country are complete graduates of Delhi University, and there are many benefits to studying at such a big university.

But they are taught about everything thoroughly, and in the midst of this, when people pay so much attention to education, if we take admission to Delhi University, then it will make our education system much better. will strengthen and provide a very good policy for enhancing our education.

Delhi University

For admission to Delhi University, one has to apply well in advance. For this, the online portal has been running continuously. Whenever the application is done completely through the online portal, a merit list is released in which the candidates are selected. It is said that all the children who have been selected can be admitted to this university. The entire process is very easy and can be completed very easily, as per the percentage.

They care a lot about the students because those who have very high percentages get admission here very quickly; otherwise, they may have to face a lot of difficulties in getting admission here.



Delhi University’s online portal has been in operation since December 1.


This time, a lot of focus has been placed on computer science at Delhi University because, in today’s time, computer science has become very important not only for the education system but also for business, after which complete business planning is done. They have started adding it inside also, and that is why Computer Science has been completely added to B.Tech. at Delhi University, and if after adding such things, the number of students there will be even more.

We will try to ensure that he concentrates on studying at the university and completely follows the protocols of the university to move ahead.


A completely online portal has been started since December 1st, after which if any student has any problems,  complete information about them is taken there, and every effort is made to solve their problems. Along with this, B. Tech Communication Engineering and B.Tech Electronics Engineering are also being given a lot of attention this time because, if we talk about jobs, it is not easy for anyone to get a job at this time, so everything is self-reliant.

The beginning of this kind of development to create dependence is that every college and university is doing it so that if the children are not able to get a government job, then they can do any business to earn their living and can prepare any plan. can do; for this, efforts are being made to continuously focus. After the commencement of admission, the complete attention of the children inside the university is increasing even more.




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