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Jagdeep Dankhar

Political Drama – Vice President Jagdeep Dankhar compares PM with Gandhi

Political uproar is taking place over a statement of the Vice President, the opposition is angry over comparing Mahatma Gandhi with the PM.

A recent comment by Vice President Jagdeep Dankhar created a political uproar. Last Monday, the Prime Minister addressed the nation on the occasion of the birthday celebrations of Shrimad Rajendra at the Opera House in Maharashtra, and in his address, he compared Mahatma Gandhi with Prime Minister Modi and now there has been a political uproar over it.


Jagdeep Dankhar


Jagdeep Dankhar

Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar said in his statement: “What I want to tell you is that as the great man of the last century, we look at Mahatma Gandhi Ji and now Narendra Modi. The way Gandhi Ji lived his life Dedicated to the country, in the same way, Narendra Modi Ji is also making every possible effort for his country and taking forward the development of his country. We can take this country on the path of progress which we have always wanted. Wanted and Narendra Modi ji is making every possible effort for this.


Jagdeep Dankhar

Sanjay Raut said the whole world sees Mahatma Gandhi as a great personality.

Continuous reactions and political questions are coming from opposition leaders on this statement. On Tuesday, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said, we cannot decide who is a big man and who is a great man. Because we do not have the right to decide this, history itself decides this. If you have the ability, history itself will record you in its golden pages. The whole world considered Mahatma Gandhi as a great person, which he was.


Addressing the people at the birth anniversary celebrations of Shrimad Rajchandra at the Opera House, Dhankhar compared Mahatma Gandhi with Prime Minister Modi. The main reason for their comparison was that Mahatma Gandhi was ready to die for his country and in the same way, Narendra Modi is also completely dedicated to his country. The Vice President described Prime Minister Modi as the man of the era, which enraged Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut who also expressed his anger over this statement.


Sanjay Raut directly targeted the Modi government

Jagdeep Dankhar

Sanjay Raut further criticized the Modi government and said, who gave you the right to change history, you do not even have the right to compare a great warrior with another person. Sanjay said that you are the honorable Prime Minister of our country, hence we respect you a lot and the governance of the entire country is in your hands. Therefore, you or any of your friends should not make any condemnable statement.


BSP representative Danesh Ali also reacted to the Vice President’s statement. He said that today our Honorable Vice President Jagdeep Dankhar said that the great man of the last century was Mahatma Gandhi and now Narendra Modi. So Vice President Sir, I want to ask you what new era has been started by the members of the Prime Minister’s party by using abusive language against people of a particular community.




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