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Munawar Faruqui

Munawwar Faruqui Is Dating A Girl 9 Years Younger Than Him ?

Munawwar Faruqui is dating a girl 9 years younger than him.


Munawar Faruqui

At present, everyone in India knows Munawwar Faruqui very well because his role is very important in the Bigg Boss 17 season. He is completely dominating the Bigg Boss house and this time it is also said that It is believed that he can be the winner of Bigg Boss this time but it is very important to know about his personal life. He is already married and now he has ended that marriage completely but

Even after that, people’s attention is being drawn towards what were the reasons behind ending their first marriage so early and people are making a lot of effort to know it and whenever. When complete information was revealed about him, it was also revealed that he also had a child.

Munawar Faruqui

In this way, Munawwar Faruqui had to face a lot of problems and he is very happy with his life at this time because now he has taken entry in Bigg Boss and he was completely popular through social media. After which the task of getting full entry into Bollywood has become even easier.

Munawwar Faruqui can get full entry into Bollywood very soon and he is also ready to work in Bollywood. Because when the season of Bigg Boss is completed, then it will be decided that after all, the good thing that he has done in this season, how he is being seen in a different form in the season, is very important for him. It is a big role but along with this, it was also revealed that he is also seen dating a girl 9 years younger than him.

Munawar Faruqui

Lisa is working as a great Youtuber and wants to become a successful influencer

Munawwar Faruqui  new girlfriend’s name is Lisa and he is currently seen creating content on YouTube. He is very famous on YouTube. He is being watched very well on YouTube and is constantly being watched there.

He also has a different identity, as a result of which he is being seen in different forms there, and in this way, the identity of Munawwar is increasing even more at this time, and in this way, at the same time, he is also being trolled. Some people are dating such a young girl, so they don’t think about it at all and they should have thought about it a lot, but people’s views on the whole keep contradicting each other. Some people are seen expressing their views in favor of him, while at the same time, people are seen considering him against him, this kind of dirty act is very bad.


Within the season of Bigg Boss 17, Munawwar’s identity is being seen in a completely different way.

Salman Khan is constantly praising him, Salman Khan says that he came here as a very good person. If he stays there with good humanity and is seen completing his tasks there, then the season of Bigg Boss will become even easier for him, although many people still believe that This time he can also be the winner of the Bigg Boss 17 season because the environment there is very different and people are liking him very much.

Farooqui is among the contestants of Bigg Boss who are loved by the people. The name is coming at the top and every time they get the most votes and are made the winner in every task there.


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