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Assam Government Gave A Big Gift To The Youth-2023

The government of Assam gave a big gift to the youth, a wave of happiness among the youth.


At present, the biggest problem facing our country is that of unemployment and unemployment seems to be increasing day by day at a very fast pace because the population within the country is increasing at a very fast pace and the population is increasing at a very fast pace. According to this, it is not at all possible to get employment here, after which people are facing a lot of trouble due to unemployment.

The possibility of them getting employment here in any way is very limited. We can easily see the reason behind their meeting, but still, the government does not seem to be making any effort to find any solution regarding this, despite all these efforts of the government, Till now unemployment has not been reduced in the country.


The government of Assam has made a lot of efforts to employ the youth of its state. It has continuously tried to ensure that the situation of unemployment prevailing in the country will not be allowed to persist in its state. For this, he started a scheme named Self-reliant yesterday, after which the Chief Minister gave this happiness to the youth in a complete way and said that all the youth within the state of Assam, no matter their You will not be considered unemployed.

They will be given full assistance from the government. The government is ready to welcome them completely because it will provide special assistance to those youth who are not able to get any employment. Will continue to come up with plans for them there.



₹ 500000 will be given to the youth in Assam, and everyone will get the gift of the schemes

In the new scheme that has been started in Assam, the youth will be given ₹ 5 lakh which will be given as a loan. In the same manner as a bank gives a loan, this loan will also be given to them, after which they will repay it in full. You can achieve your business plan, and you can use this page in any way in your business for this, the youth will have to pay a lot of attention to their things and they will be self-reliant and fully successful.

You can develop your business there and gradually repay this loan to the government and this loan will be given to them in the form of a business on which no government will take interest and it will be fully credited. Whatever scheme the government has brought for the youth, if such a scheme is started in every state, it will help in reducing unemployment in India.



The situation of the country is very critical at this time. Looking at the unemployment in the country, we see different differences among many youths. All those youths are also seen committing suicide, but this kind of thing was started by the Assam government. Other states should also learn very quickly that if they start such a thing within their state then they can see the youth of the country progressing very well and at the same time when the country becomes self-reliant.


If this happens then the economy of our country will also grow and the development in the field of education in the country will also happen at a very fast pace which the government should think about very quickly.




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