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Google Drive- Complaints About Missing Files

There are many complaints regarding missing files from Google Drive, Google has given a new update.

Google Drive is a platform where people save their documents, photos, videos, or any type of backup. Google Drive provides us with a type of cloud storage, not only the phones have cloud storage but everyone uses Google Drive and that is why you will see the downloads of Google Drive in millions. However, for some time now, Google Drive users have been complaining that whatever private things they keep on Google Drive disappear after some time, including their important documents and important photos.

Official information has been seen from Google in which Google has given the reason for all these complaints as to why things like photos and documents are disappearing from Google Drive.

After knowing the feedback of many people, it was found that people were not able to find their documents and files where they had saved them in Google Drive and even when they tried to get those files back using the backup and restore of Google Drive. He failed in that too. Whether this happened due to some technical reason or due to some internet issue is not clear yet, but such a problem is being faced not only by one or two users but by millions of users.

Google Drive


Google shared some instructions during this period


If you use Drive on a PC laptop or a mobile, Google has issued some guidelines for both these devices in which it has been told which methods you can use to avoid all these problems. First of all, if there is an option to disconnect Google One Drive inside your desktop or your PC, then never disconnect it along with this, to move the photos of your Drive from one place to another, most of the time Do copy and paste, because many times people cut and paste those files by using control and x, during which their files become missing due to internet problem.


Along with this, Google has also said that you should always keep a backup of Drive. Whenever you create and upload a new file, turn on automatic Drive backup and once you take a manual backup, it will provide you more security. Will get it done. However, Google is working on this problem and the Google team will solve it soon.

Changed the interface of Google Drive


Recently, Google has made some changes in the user interface of Drive and has tried to give it a new look by giving it a new update. Now a new home page named Home has been created in  Drive and it has been created by Google. It has been designed according to Material Design 3 with the help of which people can easily find their files. It is also more user friendly than before and it is helping people to find their files easily and people like this new user interface.



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