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rahul dravid

Will Rahul Dravid be the coach of the Indian team ?

Will Rahul Dravid be the coach of the Indian team during the South Africa tour?

rahul dravid

In the Men’s World Cup, Rahul Dravid played the role of an excellent coach for the Indian team, due to which India won 10 consecutive matches in the entire tournament without any loss. Although India could not stand against Australia’s strong batting in the final on the last day, India became the first team to win 10 consecutive wins and the biggest hand behind this was Rahul Dravid because he was an experienced coach as well as a He is also an experienced player, due to which he prepared Team India in such a way that it won the entire 10 consecutive matches with its same playing 11.

Many questions are being raised about Rahul Dravid

rahul dravid

When India lost its final match against Australia, it was seen everywhere that Rahul Dravid’s only contact was that if India won the World Cup, then he would continue to be the official coach of India, otherwise, he would tender his resignation. Will give and this news had gone viral everywhere that Rahul Dravid will no longer be the coach of the Indian team but Rahul Dravid has maintained complete silence on this.

Due to this, the suspense has increased further whether he will remain the coach of the Indian team in the upcoming South Africa tour or whether he will resign, although Rahul Dravid has not yet tendered his resignation from the post of coach.

BCCI is busy in its preparations for the upcoming South Africa tour and the suspense increases regarding Rahul BCCI has also booked his ticket for the South Africa tour and full preparations are being made to take him along. This is because the BCCI wants to be prepared for every situation so that even if Rahul Dravid wants to remain the coach, there will be no impact on the board and the team and he can give his best in the match.

rahul dravid

There is no concrete information about Rahul Dravid’s South Africa tour

However, it is not yet confirmed whether the coaching staff of both Rahul Dravid and Laxman will go with the Indian team for the South Africa tour or not. However, the BCCI has booked their tickets so that even if a decision is taken at the last moment, the board will be fully informed.

Everyone wants to see Rahul as the coach of the Indian team because the performance of an Indian team like his in the World Cup is very rare, although the Indian team has always been performing well and the performance shown by the Indian team in this World Cup was not seen not only by India but also by any other team.



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