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Hyundai Mobis Introduces MOBION and Its Core Electric Vehicle Technologies at CES 2024

MOBION: Hyundai Mobis Introduces MOBION and Its Core Electric Vehicle Technologies at CES 2024

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, automotive supplier Hyundai Mobis gave attendees a first look at its innovative new electric vehicle, dubbed “MOBION”. Powered by the company’s next-generation e-Corner System, the MOBION featured capabilities never before seen in a passenger car – it could move laterally and diagonally on command, as well as pivot in place for tight maneuvers.


Visitors to the Mobis booth had a chance to experience these extraordinary driving dynamics firsthand. “The sideways drifting, diagonal darting around obstacles, and spinning on a dime blew people away,” said one showgoer. With its independently controlled in-wheel hub motors, the Hyundai Mobis – CES 2024 handles more like an agile drone than a typical car.


According to Vice President Lee Seung-Hwan, who leads advanced engineering for Mobis, Hyundai Mobis – CES 2024 represents the pinnacle of the company’s core technologies that are ready for mass production today. “Our goal is to continuously push the boundaries of mobility innovation,” Lee said. “With MOBION, we aimed to showcase our cutting-edge capabilities and pave the way for a whole new paradigm of vehicular transportation.”


At the heart of the e-Corner System is Mobis’ own In-Wheel propulsion technology. Rather than a central motor, each wheel contains its own small electric motor for unmatched maneuverability. Vice President Lee Young-kook called it “a leap forward for electrified vehicles,” noting its potential to transform urban transportation schemes with greater flexibility and parking ease. After years of refinement, MOBION proved this progressive new platform is ready for real-world driving conditions.


Beyond its revolutionary e-Corner mobility platform, Hyundai Mobis’ MOBION electric vehicle is also debuting several innovative sensing and illumination technologies at CES. Integral to the prototype’s autonomous capabilities are three sophisticated lidar sensors – short-range units mounted near each headlight complement a long-range center lidar.


This combination of sensing modalities proves ideal for MOBION’s side-to-side maneuvers and diagonal routes. “The multi-lidar configuration allows for 360-degree awareness of the vehicle,” said Mobis researcher Dr. Kim. “This is crucial for autonomous driving, especially given MOBION’s non-traditional motions.”


Designers have also integrated lighting upgrades into MOBION for enhanced visibility and safety. An LED display on the front bumper works with the nearby short-range lidar to convey valuable information to pedestrians. Approaching intersections, the LED alerts crossing walkers to the vehicle’s direction of travel. Meanwhile, rear lighting notifies drivers when a pedestrian is detected ahead, illuminating to indicate whether they are crossing left or right.


Mobis believes such solutions represent the future of intelligent mobility. As autonomous EVs like MOBION gain traction, integrating perception and communication through progressive lighting innovations will be key to ensuring harmonious human-vehicle interaction on shared roadways. Attendees in Vegas got their first glimpse of how Hyundai Mobis – CES 2024 is helping lead the industry toward this brighter vision.


Hyundai Mobis kept wowing CES crowds with more trailblazing features of its MOBION EV prototype. One standout addition is Ground Projection, which works seamlessly with the vehicle’s e-Corner technology.


During diagonal or sideways driving, Ground Projection illuminates an arrow on the ground indicating MOBION’s direction of travel. “This provides an extra layer of communication for pedestrians and other road users when the vehicle is maneuvering in non-traditional ways,” explained Mobis engineer Sun Min.


The system gets even more intelligent. Upon detecting a pedestrian near its path, MOBION can leverage Ground Projection to generate temporary crosswalk stripes at their feet to guide them safely. Between the e-Corner skills and guidance of Ground Projection, MOBION showers new meaning on the vehicle-pedestrian relationship.


Sun was eager to emphasize that MOBION is more than just concepts – its technologies are mature and production-ready. The name itself reflects this transition, as a portmanteau of “Hyundai Mobis – CES 2024” and “on” to signify mobilizing the future.

By offering fully integrated demonstrations rather than theoretical reveals, Mobis convincingly conveys its capabilities and confidence to mainstream these innovations. MOBION is paving the way for a new chapter in smart mobility, guided every step of the way by Hyundai Mobis’ vision and execution.


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