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Malti Chauhan's death

Malti Chauhan’s death : 23 Year Old Youtuber

The mystery of YouTuber Malti Chauhan’s death has not been solved yet.

Malti Chauhan's death

Malti Chauhan, who became viral after just one video, gradually increased her subscriptions due to the way she was making videos on YouTube regarding dancing content.


Her popularity started skyrocketing, and gradually, her videos started being liked a lot by people. Along with her husband Vishnu, she continuously uploaded a lot of videos, and in this way, Malti Chauhan got a good image in India. She started meeting him, and in the same way, people also liked her character very much. The way she rose from poverty and displayed her dancing character, she was very impressed with the character.

Malti Chauhan's death

Malti Chauhan’s dancing career did not last long, and she committed suicide. Till now, no disclosure has been made by the police about it, and when she was seen in the morning, she was found lying in the room of her house. She was seen hanging from the noose, after which all the attention went towards her husband. Her husband, Vishnu, has been arrested by the police at this time, and they are asking him thoroughly as to what the reason behind this is. She had to commit suicide, and along with this, the biggest issue that is coming out is that only 10 days ago, Vishnu got Mithali married to her boyfriend Arjun.


Malti Chauhan’s death: police have arrested Vishnu for dowry.

Malti Chauhan's death

The police started taking full action against Vishnu. Many cases are pending against Vishnu, and among those cases, the biggest one, which was filed against him by his wife, was related to the dowry system. He used to torture his wife a lot for the sake of the country, and he also tortured his family members a lot, after which it became even more clear that, after being tortured by the country, he had committed suicide along with his boyfriend.

Arjun has also been completely taken as a gift by the police, and a thorough investigation is going on; however, they are thoroughly investigating the marriage that took place with him and the reason behind the marriage. Along with this, the police also gave full approval for the last rites of Malti Chauhan, handed over her dead body to her family members, and said that they could perform the last rites after doing the post-mortem. has completely approved it, and now how it turns out will be very exciting and interesting to watch.

Malti Chauhan’s death

In Malti Chauhan’s death case, every time a third person comes between the husband and wife, it is because of him that such cases are seen happening in large numbers, whereas even after the death of Mithali Chauhan, this same case came to light that After all, the way Arjun entered her life, they both started dating each other completely, and Arjun was also considered to be the biggest reason for this, but dowry. If the matter comes to light, then it will be completely wrong. It is not considered right in any way to continuously harass women in this manner for dowry.




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