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Tata Punch

Tata Punch EV Unveiled, Booking Opens in India

Tata Punch EV Unveiled, Booking Opens in India

The booking of the highly anticipated Tata Punch EV is open. Customers can book on the brand’s official website with a token amount of Rs. 21,000 or can visit their nearest Tata Motors showrooms authorized for EV sales.

Its launch date is expected to be 15th January 2024. The Punch EV is the first offering based on Tata’s new acti. ev platform (pronounced active) or Gen 2 EV  architecture. The Punch EV has introduced five different variants according to the needs of the Indian market.


Tata Punch
Image Credits: Athira Murali

Tata Punch EV: Powertrain Specification

Tata Punch EV offers two battery options: standard and long-range, though Tata Motors has yet to confirm it officially. It is based on the acti. ev architecture, promising a range between 300 km and 600 km, the standard range will give a range of 300 km on a single charge. The motor is expected to come in a single, front-wheel drive layout.

The standard range version will be provided with only a 3.3kW AC charger, while the long-range version will also gain from a 7.2kW AC charger. It also supports DC fast charging up to 150kW. 

Tata Punch EV: Colour Options and Variants

Tata Punch EV comes in  five variants, namely Adventure Smart, Smart+, Empowered, and Empowered+, across five dual-tone and four monotone color options. The monotone shades include Daytona Grey, Seawood Green, Pristine White, and Fearless Red. The dual-tone options, on the other hand, consist of these four shades in addition to a black roof. For dual-tone, there’s also a new Oxide shade that is solely available with the Empowered and Empowered+ trim.

 Tata Punch EV Key Specifications and Features

Body Type

Compact SUV


Battery Capacity

25.58 kWh

Charging Time

7 hrs 30 min

280 Km

Seating Capacity

5-seater model
Maximum Speed

85 Kmph


Tata Punch EV: Features and Interior

The electronic version of the Punch is packed with more technology and convenience. The current price of regular Punch is Rs.6 lakh to Rs. 10.10 lakh, while the expected price of the Punch EV is Rs. 12 lakhs (all prices ex-showroom). Punch EV comes with more advantages than the regular Punch. Some of the top upcoming features of the Puch EV are described below.

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10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment

Tata Punch EV comes with a large 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment with a lot of apps to be used when the EV is on charge, while the regular one comes with a 7-inch touchscreen. It elevates the cabin experience.

10.25-inch Digital Driver’s Display

Another feature of Punch EV is the fully digital instrument cluster rather than the semi-digital cluster for the regular Punch.

Projector LED Headlamps

Unlike the regular Punch, which has only halogen Projector Headlamps, Punch EV will get its new LED projector headlamps as standard.

Electronic Parking Brake

The Punch EV will use an electronic parking brake with the auto hold feature, useful when driving on inclines.

6 Airbags

The Punch EV comes with 6 Airbags. This is also going to become a future necessity as the standard requirement in every car. Other safety features of Punch EV include ABS, rear parking sensors, and Electronic Stability Control.

360-degree Camera

Taking the safety level to another level, Punch EV will offer a 360-degree surround-view camera system. It is easy to use and enhances the ease of navigating even in tight spots.

Ventilated Front Seats

One of the most important additions to the Tata Punch EV is that it offers ventilated front seats. However, this will be limited to the top variant only.

Air Purifier along with AQI Display

Another feature of the Punch EV is its built-in Air Purifier with AQI display through the central infotainment system. This will allow us to track the quality of the air in the cabin and that of the surroundings, too.

Wireless Phone Charger

The Punch EV also has the facility of a wireless phone charger, which was absent in the regular Punch. This feature is also limited to the top variant.

Leatherette Seats

Unlike the regular Punch, where only the steering wheel and the drive selector cater to a leathered finish, Punch EV enhances the experience of people with the feature of leatherette cushioning. This adds more to the comfort of the passengers.

Tata Punch
Image Credits: Athira Murali


Setting the stage for launch on January 15, 2024, Tata Punch EV is a crucial development in producing electric vehicles at TATA. Based on the innovative acti.ev platform, it has varied alternatives with standard and long-range battery varieties.


Fully packed with cutting-edge features such as a 10.25-inch touch screen, 360-degree camera, and air conditioner seats, the Punch EV guarantees improved driving. Twelve lakhs, Tata strives to ensure electric mobility for everyone and strengthens its determination to be a driving force in the world concerning sustainable transportation powered by technology.


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